Wall Cladding Systems
50 years of experience

Since 1970, we have been developing and marketing wall cladding systems for tough climate and reduced maintenance.

The Original - since 1970

The Marmoroc Ventilated wall cladding technology has been around since 1970, and is the oldest type approval in Sweden.

The system is patented and European approved ETA 16/0847, and is an approved system up to 100 meters construction height.


A stone facade with options for color and format. A complete wall cladding system for new construction and renovation, with the possibility of external facade insulation up to 250 mm.

ETA Certifikat

Europe approved up to 100 meters facade height. ETA 16/0847


Facade board in large format of high-pressure laminate (composite) with surface layers of wood veneer.

Intended for exterior and interior facades in new and redevelopment of residential, office, commercial buildings and more.


A façade stone made of clay, which is processed under high temperature, and has a high frost safety and is impact-resistant.

The Brick facade is installed with our ventilated technology according to ETA 16/0847, for a prosperous and climate-safe facade for a long time.

Our systems are easy to work with, economical and time-saving, and with options such as additional insulation, it saves energy and money as well.

Our products have been exported to many parts of the world.
In some countries we have partners who work actively with our products.

If you contact us, we will point you in the right direction.

The company is located in Sweden, and the business started in the 70's with a product named Coloroc. In the 90s, the product was refined with a composition of crushed marble, of which the product was given the new name Marmoroc.

Today, Marmoroc is a company with a number of products, complete wall cladding systems with sub-constructions for additional insulation. Our products are well-tested and suitable for both small and large, old and new buildings.

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