Bricks, of clay with natural colour or with glazed surface, for exterior or interior façades.

Product description
A complete facade system, including with exterior façade insulation.
Assembly and connection details are the same as for Marmoroc Baltic, which is type approved by Sitac according to BBR sections 6:532, 5:63, 5:631 and BKR section 2:111 (Certificate No. 1356/70).

The façade is made of clay that has been fired to a high temperature (c. 1,200 °C). The bricks are highly resis tant to frost and impact. The bricks are hooked onto vertical profiles of galvanised and varnished steel plate using a Swedish-patented technique (no sealing material or fixing devices required).
Individual blocks can be easily replaced if damaged.

Length: 300 – 1,500 mm
Constructional height : 200 – 600 mm
Thickness: 24 – 30 mm
Space requirement: 44–50 mm including 20 mm air space
Blocks with profiles weigh c. 32 – 43 kg/m2

The surface is smooth with matt lustre or glazed. High-gloss glaze can be ordered.
The blocks are available in several formats, colours and surface structures.
The blocks are fitted with 10 mm horizontal and 2–20 mm vertical joint marking.
Façade patterns can easily be built up using different formats and colours, with square patterns or displaced vertical joints.

Brick Illustration

Planning guidelines
supporting profiles are screwed directly to the substrate.

A 20 mm air space is created between wall and brick.
A complete insulation system is available for exterior façade insulation (see separate report on the page on Marmoroc Support System).
There are terminating profiles for windows, doors, foundation and eaves, as well as ventilation bricks for fresh air intakes Marmoroc Brick is a façade system for buildings up to 100 metres.
Assembly instructions and detail drawings for termination to doors, windows, corners, foundation, eaves etc. can be ordered.


Incombustible material.

Made of fired clay.

Façade stone of
burnt clay

The surface is smooth with a matte luster or glazed

The facade stone has high frost resistance and is impact resistant