Tin cladding

Marmoroc Snaploc

Façade panels and cassettes of profiled, colour-coated steel plate.
Designed for new and rebuilt office, commercial and residential buildings etc.
A complete façade system, including adaptation for additional insulation.

Product description
There are cassettes and panels for fitting vertically and horizontally (or in combination on the façade).
The panels are made of galvanised and surface-coated steel plate.
There are terminating profiles for windows, doors, foundation and eaves in the façade system.

Width: cassette 400 mm and panel 200 mm.
Length: cassette 200 – 6,000 mm and panel 500 – 6,000 mm.
Material thickness: 0.5–0.9 mm.
The space requirement of the façade including fixing profiles is approximately 50 mm.

Panels including fixing profiles weigh 6 –10 kg/m2.

Cassettes, panels and termination details are available in a number of colours and surface coatings. The surface is matt (to eliminate mirror reflections).

Planning guidelines
The fixing profiles (c/c 1,200 mm) are screwed or nailed directly to the substrate and the façade panels are then fixed with a simple snap technique.
The design of the fixing profile crates an air space of about 25 mm behind the panel or cassette. If there is additional insulation, the fixing profiles are fitted to special spacing profiles of galvanized steel plate (see separate report on Support System in this book).
The façade system is designed for buildings up to 100 metres high.
Assembly instructions and detail drawings for termination to doors,windows, corners, foundation, eaves etc. can be ordered.

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