About Marmoroc

Marmoroc AB manufactures wall cladding systems, including stone and sheet metal

The company is located in Sweden, and the business started in the 70's with a product named Coloroc. In the 90's, the product was refined with a composition of crushed marble, of which the product was given the new name Marmoroc.

Today, Marmoroc is a company with a number of products, complete wall cladding systems with sub-constructions for additional insulation. Our products are well-tested and suitable for both small and large, old and new buildings.

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10 Arguments for choosing our facade products

A complete facade supplier.

Long experience of facade technology and materials.

Well-proven and long-term tested products, for Nordic climate.

Many colors, formats and surface textures.
Simple, clean and environmentally friendly installation.

Ventilated and climate-proof facade systems.
Can be delivered with mounting of our experienced facade specialists.

Can be mounted all year, regardless of weather and climate.

Own patents and technology development.

Maintenance-free materials - far into the future