A complete façade system for new and remodeling, also for external façade insulation up to 250 mm, for façade heights up to 100 m.

ETA CertifikatEurope approved up to 100 m facade height.
ETA 16/0847

Product description
Facade stone with very high frost safety, made of white cement,
white marble and color pigments. The stone is hooked on vertical profiles
of hot-dip galvanized sheet steel with locking function. Between the stone and the wall behind there is a 20 mm, ventilated, air gap. In case of damage can
individual stones are easily replaced.

Through-colored stones in 27 standard colors. Special colors can be ordered,
according to NCS color scale. The surface is smooth alt. with weakly structured surface. The stones are mounted with a straight or offset vertical joint. Facade pattern with different formats and colors can be easily performed.

The Arctix stone is available in two models

Arctix 100

The stone has a construction height of 100 mm and is available in two thicknesses, in addition to the basic model which is 22 mm, there is a stronger variant which is 28 mm.

Arctix 200

The stone has a construction height of 200 mm, and is only available with 28 mm thickness.

Arctix 100

Arctix 100

Dimensions - Weight
Construction height: 100 mm
Length: 600 and 300 mm
Thickness: 22 mm or 28 mm
Construction dimensions: 42 mm or 48 mm, including fastening profile
Weight: 34 kg / m2 or 45 kg / m2,
including fastening profile

Arctix 200

Arctix 200

Dimensions - Weight
Construction height: 200 mm
Length: 600 and 300 mm
Thickness: 28 mm
Construction dimensions: 48 mm,
including fastening profile
Weight: 42 kg / m2,
including fastening profile

Arctix Illustration


Vertical fastening profiles, with locking function, are fastened directly to the base with a screw. A 20 mm ventilation gap is formed between the stone
back and wall. In the case of additional insulation, up to 100 meters of facade height, distance bars, insulation and wind protection are mounted on existing
wall, fastening profiles and facade stone (See product sheet Marmoroc
Support structure).

Assembly instructions and detailed drawings can be ordered.




Environmentally assessed by Byggvarubedömningen and Sunda Hus.

Ventilated wall cladding technology

Ventilated facade - since 1970

Europe approved
ETA 16/0847

Approved system up to 100 meters construction height

Sweden's oldest type approval, Sitac no. 1356/70