Parklex Prodema

Façade boards with outer surface of waterproofed wood veneer for exterior and interior façades, a complete façade system, including with insulation.

Product description
Parklex brand façade boards have an outer surface of wood veneer on a core of cellulose fibres and phenolic resin, which is compressed under high pressure and heat.
The façade boards have great impact resistance and withstand strong sunlight, rain, wind, snow and frost.
Boards with a curved radius, slits or perforations in various patterns can be ordered.
The boards have fire resistance classification Bs1-d0 and FIRE 105 and environmental classification according to Basta, Byggvarudeklarationen and Sunda Hus.

Format: 2,440 × 1,220 mm. Special formats max 2,750 × 1,220 mm, can be ordered for some veneers.
Thickness: 3, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 20 and 22 mm. Space requirement: 26 – 50 mm including fitting profile.
The boards weigh c. 1.35 kg/m2/mm or c. 13.5 kg/m2 for 10 mm board.

The outer surface has the natural and varied grain and colour of the veneer.
There are 9 different colours for exterior façades and 26 colours for interior cladding (façades and ceilings).


Meets Bs1-d0 and FIRE 105.

Environmental classification according to Basta, Byggvarudeklarationen and Sunda Hus.

Planning guidelines
The façade sheets are fastened with screws or glue to metal or timber rails, so as to create a 20 –30 mm air space between board and substrate.
Concealed fixing for screws is available with thicknesses of 10 mm and above. A complete insulation system is available for exterior façade insulation (see separate report on the page on Marmoroc Support System).
Assembly instructions and detail drawings for termination to doors,windows, corners, foundation, eaves etc. can be ordered.

Facade board in large format, with surface layers of wood veneer

The facade panels can be supplied in five different veneers, from natural to dark brown and with different surface structures

Intended for exterior and interior facades in new and redevelopment of residential, office, commercial buildings and more